RV Minimalism WIN

RV мιиιмαℓιѕм ωιи 👉🏽went shoppin at 3 stores today, bought prizes for my accountability group winners🙌🏽! (Only came home with cooking spices for Cody and myself) 😍 So freakin cool I get to celebrate hard work and consistency AS MY JOBBB. I don’t HAVE to do this but… my babes deserve it, they worked HARD!! OMG THO everybody in the group worked so freakin hard. 😍💕⚡️🎉 I love how coaching allows me to GIVE MORE. Idk if you get this or not.. but I used to be the girl that would decline a lunch invite unless the other person offered to pay because I was always BROKE AF. Lived in that “lack mindset” of “never enough.” 🙅🏼Not no mo, even donated $ at the grocery store today. 😭😭🙌🏽💕 Feels so good to live in αвυи∂αи¢є and pay it forward тσ σтнєяѕ. Gotta keep that universal flow on lock. This life tho. P.s. 😏уσυ ¢αи αℓωαуѕ ʝσιи υѕ 👭💕 Lotsa goodies🎁🎁 happenin this season of giving 😻💁🏼💋Nov13 we startin from the comfort of our own homes💃🏼💌🏋🏼‍♀️🌱

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