Did you know that approx 75% of women have a public speaking anxiety. I used to be one of them. 😳 I’d turn bright red like my hair if I even THOUGHT someone MIGHT call on me to speak in front of others. Can you relate? I’d avoid eye contact at ALL costs or be like “look confused so nobody asks you to talk.” 0 confidence
TODAY THO⚡️I did so much SPEAKING that the OLD ME woulda NEVER done. I used to think how it was gross to hear myself TALK. If I was accidentally on someone’s recorded video I’d immediately freak out like DELETE IT RIGHT NOW 😡panic and anxiety about sounding STUPID. .
When I first started coaching I KNEW I couldn’t avoid public speaking(even tho I wanted to) because it’s part of the job. Being BETTER is MY JOB. If I want to HELP other women I had to help myself first. .
Being strong introvert and having a very different way of thinking / perspective I always assumed I was WEIRD because when I did talk it was about deeper meaning shit and people would just stare at me like I was nuts. 😂 That made me even more uncomfortable so I was like maybe I’ll just NEVER interject my opinion. .
The first time I EVER made a video on social media 3 years ago in a training group talking about the reason I wanted to push hard on coaching. I was crying and SUPER awkward, red, stuttering, talking about how badly I wanted to BE A WIFE again and live under the same roof as my husband. I recorded that video like 16 times trying to make it “perfect.” I am SO GLAD I never gave up –instead I got to work on how I could IMPROVE my CONFIDENCE through α¢тισи. .
Today I LET GO of perfection to co-lead a training – which means I TALKED about this biz and how to be successful AF. ME, I TAUGHT others HOW to do something successfully that I’ve done via SPEAKING – CONFIDENTLY. I am SO proud of how far I’ve come AND I’M ACTUALLY REALLY FKN GOOD AT WHAT I DO. 🤗 I am a good freakin coach and biz mentor. 😭💕 Never thought I’d say that out loud and ACTUALLY believe it. .
The coolest part about this biz is that we help each other succeed!! This training is for my team and all of the new coaches that join our family to have a roadmap to SUCCESS. And omg it’s SO FUN.😭🙌🏽

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