My name is Kandace and I am from the sunny, hot Northern California town called Redding. I would not have considered myself an active person until I realized something needed to change. I was not happy with how I looked, I tried to hide my body in baggy fit clothing and I ate like crap. I started my fitness journey privately. I started with local boot camps and gained enough confidence to tackle the gym on my own. I have learned a lot in that time and turned a few things around, lost some pounds and gained some muscle, lost weight, gained weight. I turned to Beachbody because I still felt like something was missing. I had been following the Beachbody family for a while just quietly sitting back, watching everyone else create their success stories, thinking “why not me?” Money was always my first issue until a dear friend I met on poshmark (lol) believed in me and sponsored my sign up knowing that I would succeed.  SO here I am in the creating one chapter after another of my journey with a newfound community & sense of ‘self’ — I am grateful beyond belief for this opportunity because it has truly transformed my life!