Active, Inactive, Emerald Rank and the Customer Lead Program

When it comes to being a Beachbody Coach one of the first things you will want to understand is the difference between being an Inactive, Active, and Emerald ranked coach. These are the first three levels of Coaching, and are important to understand as they are the first steps that can help you start to rapidly grow your Coaching business and start earning money from what you are doing.

Being an Inactive Beachbody Coach

When you first sign-up as a Coach you automatically start your first week as an Inactive Coach.

So what does being an Inactive Coach really mean?

As an Inactive Coach, you are still a Beachbody Coach, will still be able to get your 25% discount on Beachbody products, and will still receive commission on any sales you make. BUT, if you are an Inactive status it is likely a good sign that you’re not actively buying or selling any of the Beachbody products, and are not getting the most out of your Beachbody Coaching opportunity.

You may have heard this before but part of being a Beachbody Coach is being a “product of the product,” or making sure that you are using the products to better yourself, and to know more about them so that you can then share that knowledge when working with other people. Really, is there better way to showcase the fact that Beachbody’s products work than through your own SUCCESS.

So if you’re not actively using the products, you’re probably not talking about them and sharing them with other people. This also means that you are really not likely to be able to get other people to try them for themselves, or to follow you and become a Coach in your team. The fact is, if you are leading the Beachbody Coaching lifestyle, the sales and coaches will tend to come naturally.

Now if you became a Coach just to get the 25% discount on your own products, then becoming an Active Coach may not be all that important to you BUT if you are looking to build your Beachbody Coaching business becoming, and staying, and Active Coach is pretty much a necessity.

So how do you become an Active Coach?

Achieving the Active Coach rank isn’t really that hard. In fact, if you purchased a Challenge Pack when you first became a Coach you will automatically become an Active Coach after your first week in Beachbody’s systems.

Another really simple way to always be an ACTIVE Coach is to use Shakeology yourself! Or if you are buying and giving out Shakeology samples to other people, it will also be easier to stay an Active Coach. By purchasing Shakeology on home direct, you are not only getting a great product but are ensuring that you will always have at least the 50 PV needed.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 2.32.55 PM

The Beachbody back office systems check and recalculate coaching statuses every Wednesday night at midnight EST to see that each Coach has purchased at least 50 PV (personal volume) points in the last 35 days. Each Thursday morning you will see the Personal Volume updates in your Online Office showing you your PV levels for the most current 6 week period.

As long as you have bought 50 PV across all of those periods you will either reach, or keep, an Active Coach status.

What are PV again and how do I earn them?

PV, or personal volume, points are associated with every Beachbody product that you, or one of your customers, buys. You can see how many PV points are assigned to each product by looking them up in your Coach Online Office, or by going to the Team Beachbody store while you are logged into your account.

For example, if you look at Shakeology in your Beachbody store you will see that the Regular Price is $129.95. The price that you can get Shakeology as a Coach is $97.46, and it is 90 PV

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 2.35.40 PM
Once you have 50 PVs, the system will post your new Active Coach status (or higher coaching rank status) the next time the system updates — you should see your status change by Thursday afternoon.

Reaching the Emerald Coaching rank


Being an Active Coach is the first step in making Beachbody your business, and one question you might be asking is, “is maintaining an Active Coaching status all that important?”

If you are looking to grow your Beachbody Coaching business and earn more consistent money from what you are doing and the time you are spending, the simple answer to this question is YES. Your first level of higher earnings (when you become eligible for Team Bonuses and the Beachbody Customer Lead Program) start when you become an EMERALD Coach.

To reach the Emerald Coach rank, you first need to be an Active Coach. Then you also need to have at least two personally sponsored coaches under you that are also Active Coaches (one on each side of your organization).  So you can see that your path to being an Emerald Coach starts by maintaining your own Active Coach status.

Now, depending on your situation, you might reach become an Emerald Coach status quickly or it might be something you have to work for but if you are looking to grow your business you want to reach this level as quickly as you can as this is the point where your business growth will start to take off!  The reason for this is, simple… Beachbody starts giving you customers. (how cool is that?!)

Once you reach the Emerald Coach status you can also qualify for the Beachbody Customer Lead Program. The Customer Lead Program is simply the point where Beachbody starts assigning you customers — that’s right… Beachbody gives you customers!

To qualify for the Customer Lead Program, you need to:

  1. Maintain the Emerald Coach rank
  2. Remain active status
  3. Hit Success Club 5 or higher
  4. Complete your Team Beachbody profile page with a bio and at least a “Before” photo showing where you started. A “Now” photo can also help show the progress that you’ve made on your journey (even if you are still a work-in-progress).
  5. You must be a Club Member of the Team Beachbody website (a $38 investment every four months). The reason why you need to be a Club Member is so that you are familiar with all of the tools that your customers have available to them, including the Beachbody ON DEMAND, message boards, meal planner, recipes, etc. The fact is that this investment is easily recouped as you start having customers join your team.

Once you’ve met the criteria, Beachbody starts assigning you customers that they receive from their infomercials or who sign-up from the general Beachbody websites. They become customers on your team, and you then become eligible for earning commissions on any future products that they buy. As their coach, it also then becomes your responsibility to make sure that you are there to support these people and help them along their own fitness journeys. Some will be happy to hear from you and others may not respond, but as this business is all about buildings relationships you want to work to build them with your customers.

The fact is… becoming an Emerald Coach is the fastest way to start making money from your Beachbody business.You could reach Emerald status in as little as 2 weeks. Plus the customers I am getting from the Customer Lead program are EASY! I don’t have to find them… I just have to contact them and help them. So if you want to make this business happen, become Emerald as soon as you can — find a way to sign up your mom, your sister, brother, wife, etc. Remember, it only takes 2 ACTIVE coaches!

Additionally, once you are an Emerald Coach you also qualify for the Team Cycle Bonuses, which is money you earn from the coaches and customers under you, even though they may not be personally sponsored. That’s right, you are making money based on the efforts and success of the coaches under you. These team bonuses take time to grow, but give them time! As you grow, your team grows, and then your team bonus will also start growing exponentially.

A few thoughts on reaching Active and Emerald Coaching status

Hopefully you can see that it doesn’t take a lot to start growing your Beachbody Coaching business, but there are a few other things that you should be aware of and a few other questions left to answer.

How do I keep my Emerald Coach rank?

As an Emerald Coach, you have to remember that you always need to remain an Active Coach and need to have at least TWO personally sponsored Active Coaches under you, one on each side of your organization. If one of the ACTIVE coaches below you loses their Active Coach status, you are also going to lose your Emerald Status. This isn’t a show-stopper, but you will lose the benefits of being an Emerald Coach which means losing the Customer Lead Program qualification, as well as losing any carryover volume you might have.

You can always see if there are any anticipated status changes in your Online office during the week. So don’t wait until the last minute. If you see coaches who might lose their Active status, or you might be losing your status… work it find a way to remain Active!

Also remember that the more coaches you have on your team, the easier it is to keep your own Coaching rank and to reach the higher coaching ranks as well (Ruby Coach, Diamond Coach, Star Diamond, etc.). Plus if you are using the products each month, and/or have a regular customer base that is growing each month, it is easier to get the necessary PV and to keep your own Active Coach status.

What if my coaches just joined to get the discount?

You have to remember that not everyone who becomes a Coach wants to work or grow their business, and that is OK. Don’t turn these coaches away! Many will end up building their business without even trying to do so and will start to experience the benefits of being a Beachbody Coach.

Should my spouse or family member become a coach?

If you are looking to really build a business (which means you plan to build your own Coaching team) the first two people you sign up as Coaches are the two people who will benefit the MOST from your hard work and your growing business. Those first two people (the first one on each leg) will have in their organizations EVERYONE who you add to your own team PLUS they’ll also have others in their organization who get added from the Coaches above you.

Even if those first two people are not looking to actively “work” the business, as long as they can reach Emerald Coach status, they will be able to cash in on the Team Bonus cycles, from the other coaches that YOU are adding into your team. And there is no penalty to you if they are not actively working their own businesses. The fact is that even if they only remain Active Coaches, it ensures your own Emerald Coaching status! And if they do decide to start working their business, they are going to be in a KEY position to benefit from your efforts and the team you have built.

What are the benefits of having your spouse or family member join immediately under you?

The list of answers to this question are many and depend on how you do run your business, but here are some ways that you might be able to maximize the benefits for everyone while growing your own business.

1.  If you are already an Active Coach, you can send all other sales and/or purchases through them. Yes, that means that they will get the commission (which means that they start earning money from your business) BUT you get the team volume points! If you already easily have your 50 PV/month to stay active, then send OTHER sales, or HD orders to their coaching account. You are still growing your business and will grow your earnings as well.

2.  Once you have your spouse or family member signed up, you are only one personally sponsored Coach away from being an Emerald Coach.

3.  Once they become an Active Coach and you’ve reached Emerald, you can have your next couple of coaches join under them so that they become an Emerald Coach underneath you! They can then qualify for the Customer Lead Program, start gaining customers, and start earning Team Bonus checks as well. Your team is still growing, you are earning money, they are earning money. More customers + more coaches = more sales = more money. Sounds like pretty simple math to me! And all of this for helping people be healthy.

4.  Finally, with an Emerald coach under you that you can RELY ON to stay Emerald, you’re now closer to reaching your own Diamond Coach rank! Then you can work together to build their account into one of your own Diamond Coaches!

Remember, you can have all the PERSONAL drive in the world to make your business work, but you have to approach it the right way. This business is not about “sales” and being pushy or aggressive with people, it’s not about “recruiting” masses of people. Being a successful Beachbody Coach is about sharing your story with people you meet, listening to their challenges, and being willing to genuinely connect with them and help them overcome their own challenges.

Your greatest success as a Beachbody Coach comes not from being passionate about the Beachbody products, but as the RESULT of helping people transform their lives and reach their goals to get fit and healthy.

Can you combine helping people, and still be successful in your business? Absolutely! I’ve personally met a number of people who have quit their day jobs to run their Coaching business full-time. So if you don’t believe you can be successful and make a 6-figure income with this business opportunity, chances are you won’t. However, I believe that everyone has the personal ability to succeed and reach their goals no matter what they might be.

If you are interested in joining my Team Rising Lotus as a Coaches, please Contact Me today for more information on how to get started!