I decided I needed to lose weight and have tried on my own for the last 7 years, with no success. I have had 3 back surgeries, I needed to lose weight because it is really hard on the hardware that is inside of me. In 2010 I had my second surgery, and in 2013 I had my 3rd one. I lost my job due to medical conditions. I have suffered from depression for years now. I have felt useless and lost. My husband has become a nurse instead of a mate. I had actually thought about suicide many times. 

The amount of medication I was on was pretty scary, and I felt hopeless. I found out in February that I also have fibromyalgia, and that same month I lost my dog to kidney problems. I really truly thought this is it I am done. I was on facebook one night and here came this beautiful individual who had posted her transformation pictures. I read her story and thought is this for real. She is so positive and up-lifting. I contacted Kandace Ja’Nell Rogers, and asked her how she did it. She took the time to tell me about 21 day fix. She also took the time to listen to my story.

When I told her I could not exercise, she felt this program could still help me. I ordered it. I lost 10lbs my first week. I have done 5 rounds of the fix and have lost a total of 36lbs. This is not what is important to me as much as how much I have changed. I have confidence in myself that I have never in my life had. I have started some of the workouts, I am off 6 medications including morphine and a pain patch called butrans. I no longer need meds for all of my stomach issues. The best part is I want to live again when I had lost all hope. I owe this to my coach Kandace and all of the women in this community. I have friends again that I know truly care about me, and they have never even met me in person. They have made me feel loved. Kandace has been their for me on my good days and bad. She believed in me when no one else did. I will never be able to thank her and these women for everything they have done for me. How do you thank someone for saving your life. I need to include Autumn in all of this too. I couldn’t do one sit-up, now I can do 150. Or a crunch. I can complete the 10 min ab fix with no problem. I feel stronger every day, especially mentally. Who I once was… I will never be again. I am so much more happier then I have been in 9 years. I think of each day as a gift, and not as a death sentence. I mean it when I say… you and BeachBody have saved my life!!

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