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THE RISE of each lotus

“As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination.”

Words cannot express how grateful I am to be a part of each and everyone of these women’s personal growth journey’s. The fact that they chose me to share this lifestyle with just blows my mind. How did I get so lucky?! If it wasn’t for the coaching opportunity, some of us may have never found each other, found happiness, found self-love or found self-confidence. These are things everyone deserves. Each of these beautiful souls holds a very special place in my heart. We have gone through physical, emotional and mental challenges as well as many changes together. We are constantly growing through personal development, creating an unbreakable bond. These women are MY TRIBE and I am could not be more proud to claim each and every one of them!  With these women by my side, I know I can do anything! ((My Transformation Story))
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Anthony & Krista



“I decided I needed to lose weight and have tried on my own for the last 7 years, with no success. I have had 3 back surgeries, I needed to lose weight because it is really hard on the hardware that is inside of me. In 2010 I had my second surgery, and in 2013 I had my 3rd one. I lost my job due to medical conditions. I have suffered from depression for years now. I have felt useless and lost. My husband has become a nurse instead of a mate. I had actually thought about suicide many times.
Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 4.58.25 PM.png
The amount of medication I was on was pretty scary, and I felt hopeless. I found out in February that I also have fibromyalgia, and that same month I lost my dog to kidney problems. I really truly thought this is it I am done. I was on facebook one night and here came this beautiful individual who had posted her transformation pictures. I read her story and thought is this for real. She is so positive and up-lifting. I contacted Kandace Ja’Nell Rogers, and asked her how she did it. She took the time to tell me about 21 day fix. She also took the time to listen to my story.Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 4.20.37 PM.png
When I told her I could not exercise, she felt this program could still help me. I ordered it. I lost 10lbs my first week. I have done 5 rounds of the fix and have lost a total of 36lbs. This is not what is important to me as much as how much I have changed. I have confidence in myself that I have never in my life had. I have started some of the workouts, I am off 6 medications including morphine and a pain patch called butrans. I no longer need meds for all of my stomach issues. The best part is I want to live again when I had lost all hope. I owe this to my coach Kandace and all of the women in this community. I have friends again that I know truly care about me, and they have never even met me in person. They have made me feel loved. Kandace has been their for me on my good days and bad. She believed in me when no one else did. I will never be able to thank her and these women for everything they have done for me. How do you thank someone for saving your life. I need to include Autumn in all of this too. I couldn’t do one sit-up, now I can do 150. Or a crunch. I can complete the 10 min ab fix with no problem. I feel stronger every day, especially mentally. Who I once was… I will never be again. I am so much more happier then I have been in 9 years. I think of each day as a gift, and not as a death sentence. I mean it when I say… you and Beachbody have saved my life!!”

“I joined this community about 6 months ago in hopes of finding something that I could stick with to regain my health back. I knew absolutely nothing about nutrition, exercise, orthe human body and felt soooooo lost. I was depressed, HUGE, bloated all the time, embarrassed, ashamed, etc. and mostly angry because I let myself get to that point. I had hit rock bottom and then kept falling. Not only physically, but mentally.
Once I met my coach and all the other challengers in our community, I literally instantly felt like someone finally turned my light bulb on. I felt so at home.Like I knew these people for years when I had in fact just met them. The meal plans are simple enough for me to follow and the workouts are done at home. This was something that was important to me because living in such a tiny community, I was not going to go to the gym to have a high school reunion feeling as bad as I did.
Since joining this community, I have learned that being healthy is not only a physical
thing. Keeping your mind healthy is just as important and since then, I have been able to see the world in such a happier and more positive way. This group provides me with endless knowledge on bettering myself and others, non stop motivation, and the support is seriously overwhelming… in a really good way. I have never felt so much love from so many people in my entire life.
I no longer feel alone. I no longer feel lost. I no longer feel like I’m destroying my body, but fueling it. And I could not be more thankful for my coach grabbing ahold of my hand and showing me that I deserve to be HAPPY AND HEALTHY!! And I couldn’t be more thankful for this community because you all literally saved my life. I can’t imagine where I would have ended up if I continued on the path I was on. I am now down 40 pounds, smile every single day, and have the positive mind set I always wanted to have but never knew how to get back. I could never express how grateful I am.”

“I was that girl who was sad, depressed, and severely insecure. I craved to be perfect and would do anything to have a “thigh gap”, or to see ribs. I wasted so much money on diet pills, abused
laxatives, gym memberships, spending hours at the gym. I was slowly damaging my body from the inside out. I developed a vicious cycle of binging, purging and fasting. For so many years I put on an act of being happy.
I had a huge interest in caring for others so I became a nurse. However, it was just a way for me to distract myself from my own feelings. After finishing nursing school I felt empty inside. I made a promise to myself before I graduated, I would become mentally and 
physically healthier once I finished. A year later and I was still unhappy. I thought I was going to be able to do it all on my own but I was wrong.
It wasn’t until February 4th 2014, I committed to changing my life. I started using the 21 Day Fix and using the colorful portion control containers as well as daily personal development that was recommended by my coach. Now, I am proud to say, I have finally taken charge of my life! I am happier than I have EVER been. I am more confident, no longer feel depressed and don’t feel the need to be “perfect”. I am me and I love who I’ve become. “

“I was always pretty tiny up until about a year after graduating college. I had moved to New Mexico to start a career in film, and I found out that every meal and snack would be provided for me on the job. I had soda and candy and fast food, and I ignored all the healthy options. My metabolism screeched to a halt and I had gone on so long without noticing how much alcohol I was drinking or what kind of food I was eating that I didn’t understand what had happened….
All my habits were the same!? I didn’t FEEL that different, but I started to notice photos of myself weren’t how I felt on the inside. It changed my opinion of my appearance rapidly after that. I didn’t feel cute. I didn’t feel special. I felt like anyone I had a crush on would probably never notice me. I felt ugly. I felt the bully inside my head gaining steam. And I let it keep going for far too long.
I definitely gained the full Film Crew 15 (more like 20-25) sometime 2 years ago. I lived with a significant other who would tell me constantly: “You would look so good IF _____” … And gradually felt worse and worse about myself. After at least a year and a half of intensely, but silently, bullying myself and giving in to the laziest, depressed, meanest corner of my brain I somehow decided to snap out of it. That’s when I found BeachBody.
With a great amount of help from Kandace and a whole bunch of support from a group of virtual strangers (the lovely Rising Lotus group being the biggest help) I slowly but surely got myself back to a healthy place through drinking Shakeology and committing to workouts every single day.
Ultimately it’s not about trying to look good – It’s about escaping sadness.
I’ve noticed the more I share about this in my personal life, the more women I know ask me how to do it. They tell me they hate how they feel every day and they hate how they look. Women that are incredibly smart and funny and talented, not to mention good looking, who you would never guess are putting themselves down harshly, silently, every hour of every day.
If I can stop doing it, so can you. No, I don’t think anyone ought to find this to be the most overly impressive transformation – certainly I don’t feel that way relative to some other people’s journeys!!! But boy, it feels good to uncover the happy and confident girl I used to be.
Be kind to yourself. The reward for doing that feels better than anything else in the world.”

“I joined this community about 9 months ago in hopes of regaining a healthy lifestyle.  All through school I was an athlete so staying in shape was easy for me. Over the past10 years a little at a time, I have put on a few more pounds than I was happy with. This was due to going out, drinking a lot, eating out a lot and thinking that I still had my 17 year old metabolism. I randomly sent Kandace a friend request on Facebook which was so unlike me having not met her before.

I watched her for several months before I got the courage to reach out and ask some questions.  Once I did, I ordered my kit the very day we spoke. I have tried several things and programs with zero commitment to them but something this time was different. I decided that if I was going to take my health serious, that meant in all aspects. I hadn’t been to a Dr. since I had my son almost 4 years ago. Good thing I went, not thinking that anything would come of it, I received results back of severe pre-cancerous cells and need to have them removed immediately.
Right in the middle of all my health issues, my best friend and her father were 
shot and killed by her abusive ex-husband.  To say the least, I was in a bad place.This group and all the posts that appear everyday keep me motivated. My health is important, both physical and mental.  I am important and that is what I have learned here.  On the days where I feel so deep in my grief that I can’t seem to get off the couch, I do, because of all of you. The fact that we haven’t met each other but have that kind of power of one another speaks volumes for the leadership of this group. Without this group, I wouldn’t have the motivation to take care of me and for that I am so grateful. Thank you to Kandace for bringing us all together and thank you to each of you that posts daily to keep me going.”

“I was the girl always looking for the easy way out to lose weight. I just kept getting bigger and bigger.. Then I realized how big I was by seeing a picture someone posted of me.. Then I weighed myself.. 162 lbs! I could barely look at myself in the mirror. I would cancel on plans with friends and stay at home because I was embarrassed of how far I let myself go.
I looked up Insanity via Beachbody and it changed my life. I lost 20 lbs by working hard and eating right. After the program ended, I gained a few pounds back, because I started eating fast food and sweets again because of not being able to deal with my stress and anxiety. I was getting daily headaches, stomach problems, jaw, neck, shoulder pain. So I went to the acupuncturist and chiropractor. He told me to start working out again and stop drinking coffee cause it’s making you grind your teeth and giving you all the pain. Then I met a woman who became a friend and a great coach. Which I realized is so important to have that support and motivation. So I started 22 minute hard corps and switched coffee for Shakeology and lost even MORE weight! More than I’ve EVER lost.
Now, I have the right mindset and am gonna push even harder! Using my Shakeology daily helped me push past my plateau, gave me a new positive energy and helped me curb my fast food and sweets craving!! Plus my digestive system is on track! Prior, I always had spurts of constipation and stomach problems. I kept going to the doctor and this whole time when all I needed was daily 30 minute workouts and Shakeology in my life. My anxiety has diminished and I feel like I am leading a normal life now!! I couldn’t be more blessed! I wake up every morning eager to workout because I now know it will allow me to have a good day with NO anxiety. It’s a MUST for me now. I’m a whole new person!”

“I had the challenge pack sitting around for three whole months before I finally decided enough was enough, and I was tired of feeling depressed and lethargic about my physical and mental health. I was finally ready to commit to bettering my health, and to me it was as simple as making that key realization.image
Before I thought it was all about losing weight, and if I didn’t see results right away that meant it wasn’t worth trying. I was scared I wouldn’t see what I wanted to see..
Another reason why it took me so long to start – I needed to believe in myself, and instead of relying on antidepressant pills, I wanted to let my body be the vessel to help me change my life.
The amount my mental and physical health has improved for the better is incredible to me.. I keep growing and learning, and to me that’s the best part. Knowing how far I’ve come, now all I want is to see what more I can accomplish in my wellness journey “💕


“Hi…So this is me…I was the over weight girl running a full marathon. I was the “stocky” girl who spent 2 hours a day at the gym. I was the one, in yoga, they said was “real bendy for a big girl”. I didn’t have a BAD diet. I wasn’t lazy. I just didn’t have the right BALANCE.
I’ve finally found that. The right amount of exercise combined with the right portions of each food group. Finding that balance gave true results. And REAL happiness.
I became a Beachbody coach right out of the gate and I would love to say it was for the sake of inspiring others, but I have to be honest. It was to inspire myself. To see all of these amazing people in my challenge groups supporting each other really holds me accountable! With my challenge groups and my team behind me I KNOW I will keep this weight off, I KNOW I will continue to get even better, and even fitter. I KNOW I’ve found the answer.12301712_10204979647521900_4043422408428772006_n
I’m Ahdri and I’m proud to say in just 6 months I have lost over 17″ and 5 pant sizes, so far I have inspired and helped 16 people get on top of their health & fitness game, and I’ve inspired 3 others to make a positive change in their financial future by becoming coaches on MY team!
Love life. Live life. Be life. I’m Ahdri and I AM this life. “

“I am a mother of two very energetic boys. Before I had kids, I never really thought much about my weight. I have a thyroid issue so just assumed that I didn’t have a choice in my size. After I had my second son I weighed around 220lbs. I lost some of that weight and stayed around 190. It was hard for me to really notice how unhealthy I was since I was never really taught about healthy eating and exercising. I remember always feeling tired. I had no energy or motivation. One day I looked at a photo of myself and thought,  “Omg is that really me? Does everyone see me that way?” That day I decided I needed a change.
I started eating healthier (or so I thought) and took up jogging. Eventually I lost 10 lbs but it wasn’t enough. I knew there was something out there better for me. I heard about 21day fix and decided I wanted to give it a shot! When I first got it, I was amazed at how simple it made everything! I finally knew what was healthy to eat! I did have to push myself to do my 30min exercises. Luckily, I had an amazing coach who always encouraged me and the group I was in helped motivate me to push myself harder. I have been doing this since May and so far I ha
ve lost 38lbs, went from a size 14 to a size 7 (debating on trying a size 5) and have gained muscle in places I never knew I could have it! I feel absolutely amazing. I have more energy and have noticed my whole attitude in life has changed! I finally decided it was time for me to become a coach so that I maybe one day I can help someone else become a healthier version of themselves!”

“Prior to starting with Beachbody, I was physically breaking down from the inside out. Diagnosed with lupus in 2014, I had been feeling sluggish, wasn’t able to wake up on time for work, was losing hair, and my skin was looking sallow. Additionally, I was suffering the consequences of having multiple eating disorders since the 7th grade. Laxative abuse was something that had stopped my body from having normal bowel movements and I had become dependent on them taking 5-8 pills a day. Emotionally I was a mess.
image1 (3)
I have been going through a horrible custody battle for nearly four years and it was causing me to mentally implode. I am rated at 100 percent disability through the military and have PTSD and depression. I had become dependent upon Klonopin (an anti-anxiety medication) for stability in moods. Pills were being prescribed to me through the VA in handfuls. My fitness level since getting out of the Navy in 2012 had gone completely downhill. I was only 
concerned in maintaining a flat stomach and the number on the scale to which I controlled with laxatives. My knowledge of nutrition and fitness was relatively high since I worked as a physical fitness instructor in the Medical field in the Navy. I chose to do the 21 Day fix Extreme because I had been trolling my coach Kandace Ja’Nell Rogers page and seeing her results and her satisfaction with the portion control cups and upon signing up it was the first program she recommended. Before I got my 21 DFX in the mail I started doing it through my online streaming. I couldn’t wait to start! My favorite part of the program was the Dirty 30 fix because it challenged me the most. My goals were to shoot for muscle definition however I was surprised by the amount I achieved! The 21DFX gave me so much. That, in combination with my Beachbody community, gave me the confidence to combat my eating disorder and implement healthy alternatives to maintain a fit looking aesthetic and become stronger, more confident in my skin and I developed much more rational ways to use portion control and healthy foods to aid in digestion. I am most proud of my abs! Seriously, I never even believed it was possible! I thought I’d be able to maintain a flat belly but nope, I got muscles instead. That and I am so proud of my ability to overcome a chronic eating disorder.

“I have been working out on and off for over three years, never consistent and never feeling happy. 6 months ago I decided to make a change, but I did not know where to start! I bought 21 day fix, but did not know where to go from there. Then I met Kandace. She supported and encouraged me! 1 month later, I decided to become a coach. I have always been shy, but I didn’t realize how shy until this opportunity came along! I was scared to post my journey, it’s not like I had a huge weight loss story or something crazy happen in my life that turned everything upside down. Boy was I wrong!!!
image1 (4)
My growth has not only had physical changes, but a dramatic mental change! If the woman I was 6 months ago, saw me today. I would probably have laughed and said th
at there is no way I could achieve the things that I have achieved this year. I’ve paid off debt, I left a job that was draining me emotionally and physically, I started nursing school finally and I’m breaking out of my comfort zone left and right!! I am so thankful for this opportunity and the people that I have met. I’m so proud of the woman I am becoming and the life I am creating for myself.”

“My name is Christine, I’m 29 and a mother of a 9 year old boy. I have struggled with an eating disorder basically since I was 12. I have a very extreme 
personality. Im either extreme health or don’t care at all. My weight constantly fluctuates drastically from 110-160 pounds. Not only is that so unhealthy, but it effects my mood and my ability to be happy as well.
This time around is completely different, with the 21 day fix eating plan I have FINALLY learned balance! Joining the beachbody community and having others to discuss strengths and weaknesses with have also helped. It’s nice to have a group of people that can always inspire you!
All around from the beachbody workouts, eating plans, and community it has definitely been a life changer! I feel unstoppable and like the best me is yet to come!”



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