“I joined the BeachBody community almost six months ago now in hopes of getting in better shape because I had been watching Kandace kick ass over the past year and finally decided to take the leap. I did not realize at the time, though, that “getting in better shape” would not only affect me physically, […]

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“I joined this community about 6 months ago in hopes of finding something that I could stick with to regain my health back. I knew absolutely nothing about nutrition, exercise, or the human body and felt soooooo lost. I was depressed, HUGE, bloated all the time, embarrassed, ashamed, etc. and mostly angry because I let […]

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I was tired of feeling depressed and lethargic about my physical and mental health. I was finally ready to commit to bettering my health, and to me it was as simple as making that key realization. Before I thought it was all about losing weight, and if I didn’t see results right away that meant it […]

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