What Is Coaching?

What is Beachbody Coaching?!

Now accepting new coach applications! Learn how to create your very own #thatNOBOSSlife: —> Apply to join!

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The coaching opportunity has dramatically impacted my life in such a HUGE way! Mentally, physically, emotionally. So much that I now spend every waking minute of my 03162016_AutumnPhotoOP_ED0250days thinking of ways that I can pay it forward to others. I believe in this so deeply because I have never encountered anything like it! I have the FREEDOM to create my own schedule
and the OPPORTUNITY to help someone lead a happy and fulfilling life! I have created a “life by design” that is completely up to me, by my own rules (not some boss’). I will be able to impact the future and prosperity of my family!

Honestly, being in THE BEST shape of my life and being the happiest I have ever been is just an added BONUS!.
Let’s get started! If you are reading this then you must be interested in joining my team!


Genuinely, I love and care about everyone on my team! Teamwork truly makes the dream work. We all work together to create our very own life by design! Have you ever worked somewhere where you got to choose EXACTLY who you wanted to work with?? I haven’t. As a coach you get to work side by side with people that have similar interests to you. Could you imagine working closely with people and you all happen to get along exceptionally well?! That’s why this opportunity is so unique! You get to work with people JUST LIKE YOU! How could that be anything but amazing?! ((and always a good time))


I am here to fill you in on ALL THE DETAILS! There is nothing to hide here, just straight up facts. Before I do that, I am going to answer the quick questions I know you already have.

These are common concerns that sometimes even paralyze people from even TRYING to become a coach and help others. I know the potential that other people have to be a coach but because it’s normal to fear failure, some people never even try. I REFUSE to let that be you. You deserve this opportunity, just like I did!

“I don’t know who I will be able to help with Beachbody products. I don’t know a lot of people.  What if my friends don’t want to do this? Who can I share this with? How am I going to learn how to be successful?”

—> So I can’t say that I am an expert  but I do know that my team and I are proof that people follow people changing. People are automatically drawn to observe someone experiencing success and seeing a positive change. Trust me, people are going to want to know what you are doing because you WILL change your life through this opportunity in so many ways if you are willing to share it too! Also, I am YOUR mentor and coach so it’s my job to lead you and train you about the business. Don’t worry! I have created social media following of thousands of people who want my help, I will teach you how to do the same!

Now before I go over all the goods, I will give you the opportunity to read my story if you haven’t already: MY FULL TRANSFORMATION

I LOVED the idea of having control of my job (including security), making my own schedule and planning out my future and income by working from home. I had gone from job to job feeling empty and unfulfilled, dreading each day, so I dove into the coaching opportunity and eventually fired my boss, moved into an RV with my husband and promised myself I would never go back to a regular 9-5 where I was miserable.

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Now, on to WHAT IS COACHING? What it is important for you to understand is that our mission is solely to HELP OTHERS. There are many ways that I can help someone as a


coach but the beauty of this opportunity is that I have ability to help change someone’s life financially, mentally, emotionally and physically. That is powerful stuff! I have the ability to make a difference in someone’s life even if it’s just helping them smile for the day. Being a coach is one of the most rewarding jobs I could ever have and trust me, anyone really can be a coach. There are probably so many questions racking up in your brain but the idea is to help put any concern to rest and allow you to make a confident decision if this is a good fit for you! It sounds cliche to say but this opportunity has really changed my life in so many ways which is why I feel SO COMPELLED to share it with others!

What a Beachbody Coach is NOT:
-someone looking for a get rich quick scheme
-a salesman
-that part-time job you dread going to on the weekends
-someone that knows it all about fitness & nutrition
-a negative nancy

What a Beachbody coach IS:
-someone who believes in helping others
-loves Beachbody products and getting a discount on them
-already working or wants to start working on their health
-a possibility thinker

Here are a  few other misconceptions that I want to address:

  • You don’t have to be AT your goal weight, size or body. You don’t even have to be “FIT” to be successful!

People actually appreciate being on the journey WITH you because they can relate SO much better to you during that time. You can cheer each other on, share the same experiences and make sure you are staying accountable to your goals. Who is motivated by perfection? Nobody! Perfection doesn’t exist! If you have the heart to help others on your journey, you are golden!

  • You don’t have to be a business specialist!

We are just normal people who want to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. It’s an HONOR to be a coach working for the #1 Health & Fitness company so we just can’t help but share it! We have full blown trainings and product tool kits so you can understand what our business has to offer. Another beautiful part to this business is that you can literally work from ANYWHERE. If you have internet, you can be a coach! I’ve got you covered, don’t worry.

  • You don’t have to be a nutritionist or fitness expert!

Good news is that Beachbody has already done that FOR US! We have all the best celebrity trainers like Chalene Johnson, Shaun T, Tony Horton, Autumn Calabrese and more! They are VERY in tune to health and fitness so they have spent years developing the BEST at home fitness programs that even come with fool proof meal plans. Would you look at that?! NO guessing what to eat, how long to workout for and they even offer modified versions for those who are just beginning their fitness journey. Not every program is created equal but they DO all guarantee results. I started at Day 1 just like you would. I worked hard, I stayed consistent, “YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO!” Believe you can, trust me and this process… and you will one day understand what I mean!

 Is Beachbody a Pyramid Scheme, Scam or Hoax?

No and I honestly don’t even waste too much time on this because:

1. Pyramid schemes are illegal and it means there is no exchange of products or value. Well, as you see through my story and that of those around me… We definitely got something out of our purchase! This is my full-time job and I am earning more than my corporate jobs paid me. My income is a direct reflection of the amount of lives I change.

2. A scam or Hoax? Dishonest scheme or fraud, humorous or malicious deception. Nothing dishonest or fraud around here! 🙂 If it was a scam then that makes my life a scam.

3. We are rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau.


4. If you are still really not sure if I answered your question, here is a video from our CEO explaining the difference between what we do and a pyramid scheme. He was asked on a LIVE Webinar to answer this question so if you are interested in his 3 minute response check it out here!

Now let’s talk about some of the benefits to being a coach! I already know what your questions may be and so I will take a second to answer this one: Do I have a quota or obligation to meet? NOPE! There are people who sign up as a coach just for the discount and never even touch their online office for the business. Some coaches find that people are naturally asking them what they are doing to lose weight and even notice their mood change so that is when it clicks! “Oh, I could be making money by helping others?” There is no obligation. No catch.


-get 25% off all products
-part-time or full-time
-no commute
-no inventory stacking up in your garage
-low start up cost (fitness program we choose + Shakeology)
-earn 25% commission on all products sold
-earn based on your teams productivity
-work from home or via mobile devices
-opportunity to finally be your own BOSS
-accountability to stay on track
-make your own schedule and business hours
-uncapped earning potential
find all the freedom you could imagine (spiritual & financial)
inspire others to make a change for the better
-write off all fitness/business related expenses

Sounds GREAT right?!?! I think so too!! I am so GRATEFUL that I decided to jump into this opportunity. I made $154.96 my first month as a coach. All I did was share my results and tell others how awesome I was feeling! I was so stoked because with my husband working out of town and commuting every week to come home I NEEDED that extra income!! Ask yourself, how much would that help your life right now? Save up for something you need or want? Use it to pay your bills? It gets even better.19424459_10155095737377949_1787224372121620244_n

Naturally, you will attract like-minded people to your life by putting out positive vibes and then together, you and your

18766113_10155019751022949_966854537496471010_nteam can create financial freedom. I am sure you are familiar with the CompoundEffect yes? Network Marketing is EXACTLY that. Not all Network Marketing Companies are created equal though. You can earn 20-30 years worth of income in 5-7 years time. Count me IN! If you decide that you want to sign up as a coach and then change your mind, no problem. You are not stuck and you are not obligated to ANYTHING!

There are actually 3 different kinds of coaches! Which are you?

1. “Preferred Customer” or DISCOUNT COACH

-This is someone who loves their Beachbody products but is not interested in the business opportunity. You get EVERYTHING for 25% off! If you are getting your Shakeology like most people, this is the best way to go about it! Retail Shakeology is $129.99. As a coach, we get it for $97.46! (There is a $15.95 a month business fee to be a coach to keep your websites open and give you the discount. If  you ever decide to help a friend out and make some extra cash your site is ready to go! BUT even with that, it’s still cheaper than retail!) Saves you about $16 bucks, woohoo!

2.  “Hobby Coach”

-This is someone who doesn’t want to invest full-time in the coaching opportunity but still wants to help others and grow part of their business. They make some extra spending dollars and it’s SO FUN to collaborate with the team environment. STILL AWESOME!

3. “The Business Builder”

-This coach wants to change their life through health and fitness while paying it forward to others and taking it to the top! This enables the coach to live a life by design, change thousands of people’s lives and create a 6 figure income. We get to help people for a living, travel to some AMAZING places for free and earn constant rewards and bonuses.

I think it’s a dream for most people to travel the world right? IT’S MINE!

I earned a FREE ticket to Beachbody’s annual coach summit 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee!!

I earned a (paid for) spot at the team retreat in the beautiful Lake Tahoe, Nevada January 2016! I got to pick up 3 awesome team members from all over the U.S. at the airport and we will drove there together! We got pampered, loved, motivated, inspired and fulfilled for 4 whole days!!!!


I earned a FREE 6 day/5 night cruise to Jamaica & Nassau, The Bahamas March 2016 and I GOT TO BRING MY HUSBAND! Beachbody rented out the ENTIRE Oasis of the Seas, the LARGEST cruise ship in the world!!

TEAM BEACHBODY (1)FullSizeRender (18)DCIM100GOPROGOPR0703.IMG_6429IMG_6431IMG_6443



I WORKED HARD ALL YEAR and earned a 5 day trip to Punta Cana Hard Rock All-Inclusive resort located in the Dominican Republic March 2017! YES, I got to bring my husband AGAIN!



To say the least, I AM SPOILED! This is one of those dream jobs where you just feel like you are living a life you NEVER thought possible. You know those happy people that you see ALWAYS smiling and you wonder how?! Well, when you love your job and your job can be intertwined with you life vs. separating the two…. THAT’S BLISS. I’m surrounded by POSITIVE, MOTIVATED and SUCCESSFUL people all day long.

CLICK HERE to start!



Nothing to lose, everything to gain. Change your mind, change your life.

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